TSI Netherlands has developped a complete new concept for individual servo drive system for existing rotary screen printing machines. The use of the most up to date control hardware and software allows a very cost effective and easy to install upgrade package. The installation time (thus down time of your printing machine) and also cabling is reduced to a minimum.

With Precision Print™, you can upgrade your existing printing machine to the most up to date level of a high efficiency electronic drive machine.  This only at a fraction of the price of a new machine.

The problems
Todays textile printers have to deal with a number of big problems:
- Vey short runlenghts
- Demand for high quality
- Low prices
- Lack of qualified staff

The answers
Precision Print™ is effectingly addressing these problem because the high accuracy of this highly advanced  drive system allows:
- Very high printing accuracy
- Quick repeat setting
- Less loss of fabric
- Automatic repeat setting

Less maintenance
The number of gears, couplings, bearings, etc. is drastically reduced.  Therefore the use of the spare parts and the downtime for maintenance will also be reduced.

No big investments
The new printing machines are also equipped with these kind of drive systems, however high investment are very difficult to earn back with these prices For printed fabrics.  Precision Print™, upgrades package turns your existing machine into an equally modern high efficience machine at only a fraction of the investment.

The transition
In the present situation each printing positions is equipped with a fixed mechanical drive, taken from the longitudonal shaft. Also the beltdrive is taken from this same shaft. This drive system involves a great number of mechanical components and incorporates a lot of slack in the drive train. Resulting in inaccurate printing and costly time consuming maintenance. The manual adjustment knobs for the register demand skilled operators and is resulting in loss of fabric whilst putting the design into register

With the installation of the PrecisionPrint upgrade package most of the mechanical drive components are removed.

The concept
Each print position is driven by it’s own AC-Servo motor, the 0-postion of the heads are registrated by a  high precission sensor. At the beginning of each run the heads are set into the 0-position automatically.

The main belt drive is equipped with a high precision encoder giving the master signal for the screen drives.

The screen drive motors are positioned and synchronised 10.000 times per second by an absolute encoderon each position. This systems allows a very high printing accuracy with a tolerance less then  0.1 mm on the printing image. Changing the speed or other printing parameters have no influence on the printing accuracy.

Individual AC Servo Drive System

With Precision Print™, the mechanical drive box is replaced by individual ac-servo drives. The slack from gear box and gear wheels are totally eliminated. Machines equipped with double sided drive system
(> 2400 mm printing width), are transferred to single drive system.

A digital encoder on the blanket drive roller giving the speed signal for the screen drives.

Arrangement of PrecisionPrint on a wide printing machine

Power Assisted Repeat Setting

The mechanical adjustment devices for length- and width repeat are replaced by ergonomically designed electronic wheels.

The benefits are:
- Better ergonomics
- Faster in repeat (no annoying push buttons)
- Easier fine tuning
- LED’s indicate the settings
- Diagonal repeat setting from the printer side possible
-  Automatic repeat setting for repeat orders

DC-Drive motor for width adjustment

The width adjustment is motorized.
A high power dc-drive motor has an integrated digital encoder and is tuned to a repeat adjustment of 0.05 mm per pulse. One fulle revolution of the adjustment wheel equals 2 mm displacement of the screen.

DC-Drive electronics

Fail safe and fool proof electronics for DC-drive motor. In case of mal-functioning very easy to replace.

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