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Rotary Screens

Rotary screens

All popular sizes and types for textile, wallpaper, flock, adhesive and ceramic tile printing

Special screens

To customer specifications for individual applications; any mesh size and up to 390m thick

Galvano screens

To customer specifications for hidhest level of design transfer to your textile and other substrates (From Apr 1998, absolutely seamless due to new laser-exposing system)

Engraved screens

To customer specifications for further processing in the application areas of flexo, gravure or offset.  Wide range of stock sizes


Screen trimming machine

To facilitate the exact trimming of a rotary screen before gluing endrings.  Gives an exact, absolutely straight cut edge and no burrs or jags


All the current popular sizes for Stork, Buser, Reggiani, Zimmer printing machines

End-ring adhesives

A universal 2-component endring epoxy-resin adhesive, optimal bond, heat or cold-curing

Screen handling clamps

The less you physically handle screens, the better.  This is a circular clamp lined with polyurethane, giving no-slip grip for transporting rotary screens.  Last a lifetime

Sirkular rubber squeegee coating rings

For hand and machine-coating.  Fit all makes of coating devices, both single and double-squeegee systems


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SMR 640/Cutting Machine for Rotary Screens

The SMR 640 cutting machine was specially developed for the precise trimming of rotary screens with a circumference of 640 mm.  It will cut screens up to 3.500 mm in length, all mesh sizes, and wall thicknesses between 0.08 mm and 0.12 mm.

This machine helps to reduce the excessive handling of rotary screens which is a common cause of damage and increased costs.

Only a minimum of effort is required to cut a rotary screens with the SMR 640.  With its efficient and simple operation, one man can cut the screen size in less than a minute.

The even tension provided by the two expandable discs on the inside of the screen results a cleanly-cut straight edge, ensuring that nı burrs are on the inside, thus ensuring a subsequent trouble-free gluing of the end-rings.

Compared to manual cutting, the operator is not liable to injury through open blades or sharp edges.

The exact length to be cut is determined by the measuring rod, which ensures the required repeatibility.  A simple stopper tab is set.  If screens smaller than 1150 mm are required to be cut, a support ring can be attached between the fixed expandable discs.

The SMR 640 is a robust steel mechanical construction.  The machine is operated with a hand crank.  The screens are first inserted before the actual cutting operation begins.  The simple operation even enables the machine to be used by unskilled workers.

The machine is supplied ready to use, is practically maintenance-free and furthermore both operator and environmentally friendly.



For cutting both ends of 1 screen approx. 1 minute is required under normal conditions, giving a theoretical maximum performance of 60 screens/hour.


Finely-ground, tempered counter-rotating circular knives, which are activated when the screen is rotated.

Sizing Rod

Easily set tab with adjustable stopper.


Length : 2.25 m.
Width  : 0.70 m.
Height : 1.10 m

Operating the SMR 640

By turning the hand wheel anti-clockwise at the gear block, both the expandable discs are brought into the contracted position.  By turning the hand lever, the cutting wheels move apart, so that a screen can be easily inserted in-between.

The screen is then carefully pushed over the expandable discs, until the cutting line is level with both cutting wheels.  By means of the handwheel, the screen is slightly tensioned onto the expandable discs.

By operating the hand crank, the screen begins to rotate evenly in the machine.

At the same time, using the hand lever, the cutting wheels are placed against the screen, until the cutting action starts.  The screen is allowed to continue to turn, until the cutting has been completed.

Then, after reducing the tension on the expandable discs, the screen can be taken out and reversed for cutting the second end.  The previously set stopper tab is flipped and the screen is set against it, ensuring repeatable accuracy.
Any residual nickel turnings on the cutting wheels should be removed immediately with a soft cloth or bruch, in prder to extend the life of the cutting wheels.


The SMR 640 cutting machine has been factory-tested before dispatch and is guaranteed to be in order for the purpose for which is has been made, for the period of six months after the date of purchase.

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