Digital InkJet Textile Printing Machine. In open width of textile fabric continue inkjet printing machine for woven and knitted goods with 20 m / min production speed. New technology in textile printing.

Transfer paper printing machinery for textile fabrics, DDS systems. Coating and laminating machines. Non woven calanders.

Winding and automatic wrapping machines, handling and wrapping plants-machines, unwinders / winders, automatic warehouse systems, doubling, winding, inspection machines, hot / cold slitting machines.

Continue flocking machine lines, design flocking machines, static generators.

Original precision mechanical spare parts and squeegee blades for stork printing machines.

Your partner for best price given original textile machinery spare parts and accessory equipment's in the textile finishing field.

High quality rotary screens for printing and coating, galvano screens, special screens, nickel and cupro-nickel sleeves, engraved screens, screen trimming machines.

Aluminium endrings for rotary screens and other complements for textile industry.

Textile finishing machinery for wet and dry processes applications.Stenterframe, Dryer, Steamer Box, Washing - Bleaching - Mercerising lines in contiue open width of fabric processings.

Stretching, coating, drying, exposure, developing, washing, frame stripping machines for the preparation all kind of fald screen printing frames.

Automation Services in the filed of textile engineering.

New project supervising.