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Textile Industry




HARLACHER H25-5 Tensioning unit

The H25-5, the tensioning unit from HARLACHER, the leading manufacturer in the PrePress phase of screen printing.

This sturdy tensioning unit enables you to meet the most demanding tensioning requirements at an excellent price performance ratio.

HARLACHER H35-1 Pneumatic tensioning unit

The HARLACHER H35-1 is ideal for tensioning of different frame sizes. Slight discrepancies, caused when laying the mesh in the clamps, can also be optimally compensated for with this system. The system is suitable for all kinds of mesh incl. stainless steel.

Maintaining an even tension over the entire screen is optimized by the built in pre-stretch system.

This unit caters for the requirements of all industries and applications providing; an exact and repeatable final tension, pre-stretching the frames, tensioning at an angle, easy adjustment to various frame sizes and it’s a HARLACHER!

HARLACHER H37-1 Pneumatic tensioning system

The HARLACHER H37-1 is a pneumatic tensioning system based on state of the art technology and is designed to meet even the highest demands.

The pneumatic clamps are supported by the frame so that the forces caused in the tensioning process are absorbed by the frame. Automatically pre-stretching and therefore allowing an even tension to be maintained.

Both, the manual as well the electronic control units are available with single and double circuit tensioning modes.

HARLACHER H28-6 Tensioning machine

H28-6 - The electro-mechanic tensioning machine H28, which has been used successfully in the industry for many years has been upgraded. Even more precise tensioning results can be obtained thanks to the new clamps placed on a linear guide. The H28-6 enables you to obtain precise results for one or more frames at any angle, easily and effectively.

HARLACHER H29-6 Automatic tensioning machine

The HARLACHER H29-6, the automated tensioning machine that is specially designed to produce large or several screens simultaneously, in an efficient and professional manner. This top of the range machine provides the benchmark in automated tensioning.

HARLACHER H18 Pre-Stretch

The HARLACHER H18, the Pre-Stretch unit that can be utilized in connection with the reputable tensioning machine H28-6 as well as the automated tensioning machine H29-6.

The H18 Pre-Stretch fits into the tensioning machine and will not be an obstruction when tensioning without the pre stretch. Removing the H18 from the tensioning machine is extremely uncomplicated.


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HARLACHER H44-1 Coating machine

The HARLACHER H44-1, is the coater created to produce even and exact coating results on small and medium sized.

The H44-1 is available in two sizes and provides economic coating at an excellent price performance ratio.

HARLACHER H43-1 Coating machine

The HARLACHER H43-1, the perfect piece of equipment for the economical coating of small and medium frame sizes of up to approx. 18 m2 respectively approx. 190sq.ft.

The coater offers all the technical features, which professional screenprinters all over the world expects: easy handling, programmable process incl. saving programs and very low maintenance.

When it comes to coating turn to HARLACHER, the inventor and leader for years in this field.

HARLACHER H42-5 The coater

The HARLACHER H42-5. The continuation of the successful previous coaters from HARLACHER, the inventor in the screen printing industry for years. Innovation, easier handling, less maintenance, more options and a perfect coating.

HARLACHER H17 Film-Applicator

Applying a film to a screen can be easy - provided you are working with the H17 Film-Applicator from HARLACHER, the leading supplier of PrePress equipment to the screen printing industry.

The H17 Film-Applicator, available as an option for the well known HARLACHER H42-5 coater, applies film smoothly and evenly on to the screen and cuts the film at the end of the process. Film rolls with a length of up to 25 m can be loaded onto the applicator and are protected by a cover when still on the roll.

HARLACHER H42-5CD Multiple Coating

MachineHARLACHER coating machines for the CD Industry - an other successful story. Efficient coating of up to six screens. An ergonomically correct layout guarantees easy handling. Please contact us for more information about multiple coating with all its options.

HARLACHER Coating Troughs

HARLACHER coating troughs have proven themselves in the screenprinting industry over many years. The wide range of troughs and covers suite all applications and provide even coating with an optimal surface. Static electricity is eliminated. Forget about interchangeable edges and the like. Make no compromise in your coatings. The coating troughs also fit onto coating machines of other manufacturers!


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HARLACHER H52-1 Drying cabinets

HARLACHER drying cabinets, a wide range is available for drying and polymerising for small and very large frame sizes. For the handling of very large sizes carriages are available. High air volume guarantees a smooth drying.

For handling as well as easy loading and unloading of very large sizes, carriages are available.

For very small frames various drying cabinets with drawers are available too.



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Exposure/Developing/Washing/ Reclaiming/Frame-Storing/In-Line Processing

HARLACHER H130 Vacumm copy frame with exposing system

The H130 is the latest development in exposure vacuum frames. The coated screen (or several at a time) is placed on the specially designed screen holder against the fixed vertical glass. The opening between glass and rubber blanket is spacious enough for operator convenience.

The exposing system from HARLACHER is a new development in the field of exposure lamps. The lamp is always ready to use and the improved reflectors allow for better coverage and exposure.

The ergonomic design of the lamp allows for convenient operating. The high quality on-board computer is also easy to work with.

HARLACHER H310 Screen developing machine

The HARLACHER H310 provides full uniform quality production from frame to frame, you get a perfect frame every time.

This fully automated developing machine can be used for emulsion and capillary stencil and boasts a space saving design as well as easy installation.

HARLACHER H320 Screen reclaiming machine

The H320 screen washing and reclaiming unit is a compact frame washer that fits into a variety of productions lines.

This machine provides various advantages with regards to the environment. All the materials utilised in the screen washing and reclaiming machine are fully resistant to chemicals.

In Line Processing

To combine single operations into a “In Line Process” in the screen printing industry is an other focus of HARLACHER. We are sure, that more and more customers are looking into such systems. Based on the long experience and in close cooperation with our partners, our service includes layout planning, budget, calculation, implementation and service. Please contact us!


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HARLACHER Framestripper 3000

New mesh is stretched and glued many times to screenprinting frames. Careful mechanical cleaning of gluing surface increases the life span of the frames considerably. Moreover, the use of this cleaning machine relieves the personnel and ensures a continuous production process and high quality standard.

The FRAMESTRIPPER 3000 is perfectly suitable for small and medium frame sizes. Simplicity and reliability are characteristics of this safe and sturdy machine.


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Textile Industry

HARLACHER H28-6T Tensioning machine

The HARLACHER H28-6T, the tensioning unit for the textile industry all over the world. The unit is equipped with special features for present day large screens which are utilised in, e.g. printing of bed linen. Of course, all standard sizes according to the manufacturers of flat bed textile printing machines are available for single frame stretching or for multiple frame stretching. An easy handling manual pre-bow unit for an evenly stretched mesh over the whole area is available too.

HARLACHER H72F Step and repeat machine

This fully automatic Step and Repeat Machine for screen engraving presents many important advantages regarding exact and rational working methods, whereby screen production can be increased and screen-price lowered.

HARLACHER H119 Film step and repeat machine

For copying of colour separations or part films on full films with a fully automatic electromechanical motion for straight or half drop repeats, as also lengthwise additions.


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The ULTRAFIX-adhesive is used for gluing silk, nylon, terylene, phosphor-bronze, and stainless-steel mesh on any nowadays known screen-frames, such as iron, aluminium and steel.

The ULTRAFIX is an adhesive with two components, where 5 to 8% hardener is added immediately before use. The adhesive can be thinned down by means of a solvent to form a well distributable paste. Prepare only as much ULTRAFIX-adhesive as can be utilised within three hours time.

HARLACHER Coating Troughs

HARLACHER coating troughs have proven themselves in the screenprinting industry over many years. The wide range if troughs and covers suite all applications and provide even coating with an optimal surface. Static electricity is eliminated. Forger about interchangeable edges and the like. Make no compromise in your coatings. The coating troughs also fit onto coating machines of other manufacturers!


The wide range of HARLACHER clamps available, suite every need in the screenprinting industry. Regardless of mesh type, the clamps can be selected and adjusted to achieve the desired tensions time and time again. Maximum tensions of 50 N/cm are reached effortlessly when the using the specially designed clamps.


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