Inspection Machines

Wrapping Machines (PLAST)

Winding and Automatic Wrapping Robot (STAR)

Unwinders/Winders - Preparation Lines

Hot and Cold Slitting Machines


Inspection Machines

ATF's range of inspection machines is wide and customized according to the article type and the final packaging mode requested.

For lycra and elastic; articles the machines are equipped with conveyor belts for absolute control of fabric tension.

Very interesting for converters and fabric manufacturers may be ATF's models working from roll to roll with completely automatic fabric threading.

Supply from plaited with moveable belt feeding unit.  The tension is zero.

Inspection machine complete with unwinder for big batches and automatic wrapping module.

Non-stop inspection machines for knitted fabrics exit tenter frame.

Inspection machine with relaxation module for lycra and articles with low dimensional stability.

Inspection machine for converters.

Inspection machine for tubular fabrics.

PRECISA tensionless inspection machine.

Automatic threading.  The machine automatically threads the fabric.


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Wrapping Machines (PLAST)

PLAST is a compact, high production plastic film wrapping machine.

Various end closing methods are offered (thermosealing, partial and total shrinkage, ultrasound) and different wrapping materials can be handled (from 60 to 250 micron).

The PLAST series has been designed in various versions according to the product to be wrapped.


- Model for rolls and bolts

- Semiautomatic change of polyfilm width

- Automatic change of polyfilm width

For the realization of customized plants the following modules are available:

- Hydraulic tipping units for roll trolleys

- Accumulators and translators

- Lifting and tipping units for rolls

- Bridge crane for robotized pliers

- Palletizers

- Informatic systems

- Automatic warehouse systems


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Winding and Automatic Wrapping Robot

Star is a series of innovative automatic winders.

1) Three axis robot.  The roll is at no time during the
     manufacturing process abandoned to itself.

2) Paperboard core loading at floor level.

3) Exit rolls closed with foil strips or completely wrapped.

There are several winder versions available (from knitted fabrics to geotextiles).



The free and uncontrolled roll transfer from winding to taping may present the following inconveniences:

A) Difficulty to determine the expulsion force considering
     the necessity to expell big and small diameter rolls
with different weights and compactedness.

B) Uncontrolled roll movement.

C) Uncontrolled fabric movement.

D) The cardboard cores are located above the wining




Robot Roll Change... The New ATF Standard

The 3-axis robot consists of a series of encoder controlled linear actuators allowing:

The controlled roll transfer from the winding to the taping group (The roll is at no time abandoned).

The drawing of the carboard core (FEEDBACK AT FLOOR LEVEL).

The self-regulating drawing of the drawing of every core width.

STAR  for non woven fabrics:

1) Entrance big batch.

2) Exit wrapped medium-sized rolls.

STAR  for non woven fabrics.

1) Entrance big batch.

2) Exit wrapped medium-sized rolls.

STAR for technical fabrics with tangential axial winding complete with:

1) Unwinder for big batches.

2) Wrapping module.


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Unwinders/Winders - Preparation Lines

Inspection line from big batch to big batch.

Preparation line from small roll to big batch.

Axial-tangential winder for slippery articles.

Preparation line for dyer beams.

Optical unwinder for knitten fabrics (Tension = 0).

Belt winder for knitten fabrics (Tension = 0).

Automatics unwinder for wadding

Unwinder with loading cell for fib

Unwinder with loading cell for non-woven fabrics

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Hot and Cold Slitting Machines

According to the article to cut several solutions can be offered:

- Cold cut

- Shear Cut

- Warm Cut

Hot slitting machines

Cold cutting machine (Shear cutting system)


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